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 Article ZhangLing beast

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Datum upisa : 18.03.2011

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Exactly one hour later,Adidas Sandals GuYun body returned to normal after more than a hour, then continually use rejuvenation qi repair meridians and pranayama, he swam up the bank. Wear good clothes, he walked towards the depths of the forest, his goal is the first white bears. Since appeared a can threatening the monster beast safety town, he certainly going to see, the mainest is he now JinShen travelling through the years, it has come to break through uniting the second turn crisis, put him want to borrow this head monster beast look at end of one's own strength to a degree, in this what before he but had never and people move the mavericks.
2 will also want to see through and it could head demon beast fight to breakthrough.Air Jordans Because from his father said to him to see, the battle is a breakthrough methods. According to Chen's two big brother's description, GuYun found that piece they meet the woods, where the arctic is obvious to see a Wolf dozen tree clearing of a adults to the trees were broken, surrounded by tree roots and several plays, among empty out to dial the place is very bad, of course this is not with the two brother Chen arctic is caused by the head of the fight.
Because when the head ambushedNike Sandals Chen ambassador arctic after break his two brothers did not play with the head, in Chen how arctic after two were wounded, he would pick up the broken hand faster than by both the speed of the arctic and fled. But now the situation is likely to see after the arctic prey run by feel. GuYun along the arctic is leaving footprints found down toward the woods, white bears is go in to the east, and then fold a basin surrounded by hills, where there was a dark cave, the hole has two meters high.
The arctic is in the hole inside,jordan sneakers hear footsteps GuYun deliberately out after from hole and growled GuYun rushed out, see who made up after GuYun directly to an attack. After GuYun saw this person made three meters high arctic, the in the mind also a bit FaXu. Although he avowed two brothers than Chen, but a bad points to see the three meters high, his heart was too big, but now regret or lack of purpose, he's also just want to play with the head, say even if arctic beat ran always run too well. The thought of this he also toward the head rushed past. Arctic
The bear direct to the GuYun is a palm took down with their fists,Vibram Fivefingers GuYun also with it to spell a record, the result is GuYun was to take the arctic for several meters far, flying the arctic is better than GuYun is not. This is actually spell a private, but two bodies are strong, fly out after a few meters is nothing had, direct stand up and towards each other rushed out. One bear so you a palm me a fist of dozen up, because there is no any combat method of uniting with GuYun decisions, only the first white bears spell flesh kicks.
But after a hard GuYun has gradually found the feeling,Air Jordans now the head of the arctic is also beaten much less punch. The arctic is again after a long GuYun shock, waiting for it again, but this time, arctic darted but did not immediately blunt come over, but stand in situ eyes staring at GuYun, then log eyes slowly become red, then body hair also turned red, height from the beginning more than three metres long to five meters gradually. GuYun is gawk at this one change, just just three meters tall when already can and he spell a now, such a collectively variable, the light it looked like just know oneself is not now the head red bear opponent.
Are trying to continue to fight with it is down,MBT Sandals red bear had blunt come over, speed faster than just actually much, just a LengShen had rushed to the work of GuYun before, a huge PAWS to GuYun head cameras. 's unavoidable to meet the GuYun hands to that one looks bigger than his whole body the PAWS, bang, GuYun was this a palm waist-deep shoot into the ground. Haven't will come out, and a body dial for his great feet trample down, if is this real, even on the body strength by GuYun now even deathless also from peeling.
Be compelled to this sake,jordan sneakers GuYun also desperately, the soil under shock to will open in the balance, from the large rolling out under foot, even so, also failed to fully escape. Only hear a loud bang bang, GuYun body was a huge shock wave boom fly out for breaking only after ten big tree stopped, and he just where the has turned into a two become more wide, half a metre how deep hole, see the GuYun a nerve-racking, if he was still in just that place, now may have become no humanoid now.
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Article ZhangLing beast
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