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 adirondack boot ii sand...

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Datum upisa : 18.03.2011

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Not everyone is drawing the magic scroll talent, because even if low-grade magic TuZhen is extremely complex, not only to a well into, and the magic of line with magical also points priorities, it is difficult to master. Take the lowest black iron magic scroll is, at this god of the most famous mainland wind magic scroll draw fierce non-mark FaShen your teacher, draw a black iron magic scrolls the success rate is one over twenty, draw a bronze level of magic scroll is one over fifty, draw a silver level is one over one hundred and twenty, rendering the magic scroll is gold class one over one thousand, as for the diamond level only exists in the legend, the mainland China, no one can draw the fate of this kind of magic scroll.
adirondack boot ii sand This is still the most famous magic scroll draw division, other second-rate third-rate success rate more small, were it not for professionals, you even if lucky draw success, estimate is not worth the candle. The wind yi was suddenly tongue, no wonder magic scroll sell so expensive, light is the cost of raw materials and the loss of energy will not go, draw magic scroll is so hard? "A magic can be drawn and bronze level even silver level of magic scroll?" The wind yi asked. "Yes, magic input can use dark SPAR instead of, but the magic of absorbing foreign more difficult to control, and the jewel is also a bunch of expenses, so in addition to some gold COINS, apart from the moldy no one in this way to try." The girl in the mage said.
The wind knocked at the ShiYi armrest yi fingers, like in the thinking, very long before he glanced at it a few captive, way: "good, now this master of your decision, announced because you brazen attack to master the lost more than 30 soldiers, so delicate according to law, a small town all you must, well, a small town west that iron ore mining is up to you." The wind yi and then they went out, and only a few people looked at each other more than Charlie and haven't come yet and protest? And they are human, how can a inferno soldiers, the most hateful is, how will we get them to do what miners? "The wind, the less... what is at the door woman willow, said to see you." Billy ran over to said. "No." The wind yi very simply put a hand.
adirondack boots Billy pending to the woman, boom out, when he sees, the master has played her, for she was not interested in the now, and you will not need to her again polite, but such a beautiful woman, also is the blood of the house of Lord belle's tower is the princess! "And so on." The wind yi called Billy, personally to the gate direction. Billy shrinks were my, it is better to haven't action, seems to end more than her master feeling, also shows that he is not the master of psychological 'through, it seems to put a time to just go. The wind yi open shek mun, orange smoke is light outside looking at him. "Do you want to see the young master? What exactly is the matter?" The wind yi deadpan way. "My harp fall on you this......." Liu smoke way. "That you take your harp to roll." The wind yi is some impatient way. "But...... my heart also fall in here." Liu smoke a word make wind yi DengYuan eyes. Could this woman in love with the ShenWu wise of him? It seems that the possibility for zero right, plot, must have a plot.
"Master said, the way, is the only with rail, develops, can achieve something that is now, the thing to leave no state, I thought I made it, but since last night, after heart somehow up a waves, so please let stay here, regain former state of mind." Liu smoke indifferent to voice, don't recognize a emotional ups and downs.
UGG Jimmy Choo The wind yi look strange, it sounds how so at odds, blame a misleading, and he knows that this woman and not move the heart, but his performance before and after the different to her surprise and curiosity, clearly this is human, but she have to do with the state of mind develops relationshiop between, GuaiZai, her teacher must have psychological abnormal condition.
"UGG Sheepskin Cuff Boots I've heard that you are JinFengGe cloud fairy? Look at that several fools speak of JinFengGe tone, want to come after the very famous. That would you draw magic scroll?" The wind yi laughs as a plot is about to get the fox. Continually, turning, split Cun, dizzy catch...... The wind yi looked at the willow with smoke magic brush on a black iron blank scroll to draw on the primary wind spell double wind blade technique the magic TuZhen, looking at her dancing the tip, the mind is not emerge with shares of the conjunction of name.
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adirondack boot ii sand...
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