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 WeiJingFeng began to think about supra

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Datum upisa : 22.11.2010

WeiJingFeng began to think about supra Empty
PočaljiNaslov: WeiJingFeng began to think about supra   WeiJingFeng began to think about supra Icon_minitimePon Jun 27 2011, 11:17

Discount supras Who but life from the dead, ZhaShi, three young master rumours in less than an hour's time was all over the whole Asia Pacific hospital, a lot of people, this scourge sigh) did not die, don't know how much will be and to scourge's home.But life from the dead to outside WeiJingFeng is just one more let people in after dinner's heated topic for you, but it is the medical skill a remarkable, especially to the shock of the hospital doctors, is a blow, because at that time is the authoritative domestic LiHaoHan physicians to WeiJingFeng mouth to the death penalty, and present at ten DuoWei asia-pacific hospital doctor also confirm the chief WeiJingFeng was dead, not of the pulse and heartbeat, completely lost life angry machine.
2011 Supra Sneakers As the south Pacific hospital medical authority of the world, more than 10 chief physician at the same time the judge should appear under the mistake, it was incomprehensible, even to the LiHaoHan last but life from the dead WeiJingFeng check after also had to surprised track: "miracle, the miracle of life!"Even with his medical skills and knowledge can't explain the reasons WeiJingFeng back from the dead, will only for life miracles of induction said. In a hospital room WeiTianNing only senior intensive and WeiJingFeng both father, watching this back from the dead, the youngest son of WeiTianNing face serious look, eyes of the silk anxiety and worry has faded away, and in WeiJingFeng eyes is the deputy majesty serious image.
Women Supras TK Shoes You just through several grain of ecstasy?" WeiTianNing questions and still.WeiJingFeng lying in bed silently nodded his head: "yes."WeiTianNing eyebrows slightly, silently see frowning tight the WeiJingFeng one eye: "before things I no matter, also do not go dispute your ignorance, but after the birth, death, and I believe that you will understand the life the how to go, of course, you also don't think about it, I'll look into this matter clear, you take a rest." WeiTianNing and then they turned around and walked out.So large in a hospital room WeiJingFeng left a people, or who do a day only, and not, are all wrong, should be WeiJingFeng body with his own and health day two people's consciousness of a combination of a new life style.
Supra Skytop Shoes In the operating room WeiJingFeng forced movement body sit up again after falls into a coma, is now more than 9 o 'clock in the evening, this time he was in a coma for eight hours, and the time of wake up, in the mind has no two voice and two strands of consciousness has completely fusion, the WeiJingFeng before the brain of not only has his own 21 years of the memory, more another memory, and the memory than the 21 years WeiJingFeng but the memory of the rich, now of the WeiJingFeng lying in bed, in the mind also in constant flickering with two memory, constantly absorbing and digesting some special knowledge and memories.
Buy Supras The new consciousness and the brain from the beginning of the two consciousness and the memory of the mixed mixed and disorderly becomes more and more clear, finally complete fusion, no more memory of the difference between the new brain in general of god.Two hours later, lying in bed, WeiJingFeng spirit not only didn't have any patient a serious illness after wake up early scenes feel, but in high spirits, a pair of spectacles of bright, just like all the night high up the stars in the sky, BaiRuYue Hao commonly.Slowly sat straight up, WeiJingFeng look down at the eye of this word, chest wound LiHaoHan to give his surgery and open a cut suture, but also has not fully healed, pain.
Women Supra TK Shoes WeiJingFeng unclear spread knife-shaped eyebrows micro cu, herself, "muttered this little cut will let me feel pain, the body was too poor, restore ability still is no good, and the body by the development potential and the function of the body itself also seems to be too weak to relative after five hundred years the body it is a heaven an underground. No, first will improve body, enhance the function of the flesh, hey, no good intensity body, can't completely conquer a woman."WeiJingFeng now tone of voice and the mind is completely guard day and that the old WeiJingFeng combination, namely is health day sedate calm also have WeiJingFeng did the mania of make public.
Supras TK Society Shoes of course, because now the flesh with the actual age and level of the development of the brain itself, this new WeiJingFeng character and his attitude is most like itself.Sit on hospital bed, WeiJingFeng began to think about how to improve their ability and stimulate the potential of the flesh.After five hundred years of health day is the earth the federal government established the highest special forces day who, with the members of his strong strength and become a day a number, who in was the federal government his name than the federal government of President's name and loud and clear, because in the earth's resources endangered, alien creatures.
Unisex Supra High Top Shoes the earth new mutating biological invasion and breed wantonly, day in the security guard in the fight in the earth people made great contributions to the DuoCi invasion of earth, once with the alien operations, the more DuoCi army swept from the sea has led the variation of the biology, intrepid energy could say he was human world first hero of federal, in that chaotic s, a control of the earth, the name of the chairman of the federal political nature has a battlefield defend the earth for human life hero's name out loud.Five hundred years later, and their genes are in human evolution becomes more and more excellent, the human body the quality common improve.
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WeiJingFeng began to think about supra
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